The World Championships

The World Championships were over before you even knew it. The run-up to the second biggest event this year was long though. The Dutchies dominated almost everywhere and again a lot of medails and rainbow jerseys were taken home.

Personally I look back with mixed feelings. The World’s began superb for me with a third and PB 200m qualification time. I took more than three tenths of a second from my PB and I was over the moon with my time. I couldn’t enjoy my good start for a long time, because I was finished in the 8th final by Anastaiia Voynova – who ultimately became second. I was really disappointed and I only knew that my shape was okay.

The last day had arrived and that meant Keirin. It had the Olympic format, which involves four rounds instead of three. The first round went really well and I went immediately through to the second round. In the second round, four riders go through to the next round and there are no more repechages. In my heat itself, I became trapped by an unwise decision on my part and was caught on the line within a few millimetres. This resulted in a 5th place and also the end of my World’s.

As said it was a World Championship with bloody good legs, but without being able to show this in the form of results. I did, however, officially qualify for the Olympic Games.

I’m currently resting and after the rest period, I would like to link the results that go with these legs.
In Tokyo.